Self Reservation

Add a booking   Add a Booking
Add a booking that you have taken by telephone, mail or walk in guest etc.
Show inventory etc.   View Inventory
View inventory by date, by month or graphically for an entire year.

Property Administration

View Reports   View Reports
View report for reservations, cancellations, monthly sales, sales analysis, guest contact details. Or download reservation and cancellation data.
Search reports   Search Reports
Search the database for a particular reservation, guest details or display records for a specific date.
Edit description, address etc.   Property Description, Address etc.
Edit the description, address, phone, email, location, class and price range of your property.
Meal plans, options   Meal Plans & Optional Extras.
Edit meal plans and optional extras.
rates & inventory   Rates / Inventory
Edit or view seasons, rates, room details, max/min number of occupants per room, edit inventory etc.
Set inventory/block dates   Set Inventory/Block Dates
Set inventory for different dates or block dates from being booked.
Add a booking   Upload Pictures
Upload pictures for the information page, pictures gallery and thumbnail image for search results. View the pictures you have already uploaded.
Change password   Change Your Password
Change the password you use to login to this portal.


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