Uploading Pictures

You can upload a total of 18 pictures to your web site. The pictures will appear in the "about you property" page, the picture gallery, the search results page and the list of properties page. The picture in the search results and list of properties is a thumbnail image and should be no larger than 130 x 90 pixels. The about page picture should be no larger than 300 x 200 pixels and a maximum of 50k file size. The picture gallery pictures can be up to 700 x 500 pixels and 150k file size. All pictures must be jpg format

Click the Browse button in the upload form to select a picture on your PC to upload. When you have selected all pictures press the Upload button. You do not have to upload all 18 images.

You can add a captions to Pictures 1 to 16 in your picture gallery. The caption can be used to explain the contents of the picture. Standard room, fitness centre etc. If your property is difficult to find you might want to include a map in the pictures that you upload. You can also include pictures of the place in which your property is located or the surrounding area.

Typical picture 300 x 200 pixels.

Typical thumbnail
130 x 80 pixels


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